Jun 222012

Cheapest Electric Car in UK the 2-Seat Renault Twizy

Cheapest Electric Car in UK the 2-Seat Renault Twizy

Hire Electric Cars

The global car hire company Hertz has made a deal with Chargemaster plc, a UK manufacturer, for chargers of electric vehicles. The purpose of this deal is to create Hertz on Demand, a car sharing scheme in Oxford, UK, by which consumers will be able to hire electric cars.

Costs from £5 Per Hr

This scheme will enable people to rent eco-car sas and when they need them, with costs starting from £5 per hour. This will mean that consumers can reduce their carbon footprints without having to pay the mammoth costs that can be involved in buying an electric car outright.

Part Time Eco Car

Many road users want to be more environmentally friendly and would love to use electric or hybrid car but simply don’t have the capital to buy one. Some feel that an eco-car simply wouldn’t perform as well as one with a petrol or diesel engine, so therefore wouldn’t choose to drive one full-time.

Renault Fluenze ZE - Saloon Electric Car

Renault Fluenze ZE - Saloon Electric Car

Advertising Eco-Friendly Cars

The Hertz service could provide a solution to that problem. Drivers are more likely to choose an eco-friendly car if they are only using it for a short period of time. This will also work as an advertising tool for the manufacturers of these niche vehicles.

Insurance and Breakdown Too

The cars will be available for rent by the hour, day or week, and will include insurance, maintenance and breakdown recovery. Upon the launch of Hertz on Demand, 10 of the Nissan Leaf models will be available for use in many exposed areas of Oxford, including main city car parks and university campuses.

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

Electric Car Club

The scheme will also see the introduction of an electric car club, which will encourage the use of electric vehicles and make use of the Chargemaster plc’s POLAR charging network around Oxford. This network has 32 charging points around the city, with a further 28 soon to be installed. There are also designated parking bays for electric vehicles.

Stop Towards Sustainable Future

Oxford Cllr John Tanner expressed his excitement at the program launch, stating that it not only means a step forward for a sustainable future in alternative fuel, but also an opportunity for the local community, as many job openings are being created.

Another Electric Car Example the Volvo C30 EV

Another Electric Car Example the Volvo C30 EV

Hertz Always a Step Ahead

Hertz has always been a step ahead in the eco-car market, and was the first big hire car company to offer electric vehicles. It also boasts the biggest range of electric vehicles available for rent by any car rental company on the market. As well as creating and implementing Hertz on Demand, partnerships will be made with government bodies and industry innovators to nurture the infrastructure for electric vehicles in the area even further.

Book Via Text and Email

When consumers book a car with Hertz on Demand, they will receive a booking confirmation via both text and email. This will give full details of the booking, including the vehicles license plate number and which charging station it can be picked up from.

Swipe Your Card

Rather than having to pick up keys to unlock the car, consumers will just need to swipe their membership card using a reader on the car.

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