Reva G-Whizz Electric Zero Emission Car

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Dec 022010

The indian manufacturer Mahindra have excelled when it comes to providing a perfect city car. Not only is the Reva G-Whizz small and able to fit into half a parking space you could also own one if you live in a top floor flat.

The manufacturers will fit a charging point wherever you want.

Reva G-Whizz - Electric Car

Reva G-Whizz - Electric Car

A new Reva G-whizz can cost upwards from £9,000, but you will need to fork out another £1,700 every three years or so to replace the electric batteries. There are other options out there, that allow you to rent batteries.

The Reva G-Whizz isn’t designed to go that fast, but if you drive in the city when do you get the chance ??

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